Ecouter la musique d'ambiance

Have you ever found that your qual research does nothing but confirm your impressions or, worse, tell you the obvious?

Because of how qualitative research is done, what we often see is a rehash of the opinions of old hands at the interviewing or focus group game. People roll out the routine where not rocking the boat or social conformity is the rule, and serve up a semi-digested mish-mash of the right thing to say.

The New Anthropology conducts Qual research that unsettles the consumer, forcing them out of their role of “consumer-as-agent” and corresponding opinions, drawing them out onto the fertile territory of their emotional, imagined and symbolic realities.

The New Anthropology is also convinced that although individuals are indeed “agents”, they are also “acted upon” in pre-determined ways, the are the subject of social change and structural effects of which they are neither aware nor comprehend. They are also the embodiment of social and cultural trends.

The New Anthropology offers qual research that goes beyond the platitude to grasp what they actually lies behind it. Our job is to show you the unconscious determinism that create the attitudes, expectations, behavior and habits that come through the individuals’ irrational side, in other words through their imagination and emotions.

The New Anthropology offers a trip beneath the apparent to probe the latent, and provide a deeper marketing interpretation allowing you to trigger decisive market drivers.