Ecouter la musique d'ambiance

Our approach derives from Symbolic Anthropology or the Anthropology of Depths, starting from a different reading of markets, revealing the deeper drives out of reach of the conscious mind, and aims at exploring and deciphering the irrational, in other words emotion, sensitivity and imagination.

The New Anthropology performs a remix of this anthropological mindset (cf. Claude Levi-Strauss), and considers the irrational as “wild-type thought”, in other words as primal thought (and not primitive thought), which still “works” upon the imagination and emotions of Modern Man.

The approach is part of a new hypothesis: Emotional Marketing.

The New Anthropology thus aims at instilling the prism of sensitivity and emotion from the start of your marketing, in other words as from qualitative research, to shape your marketing strategies better.

“Wild-type thought is thought unwrought not thought of man untaught” Claude Levi-Strauss