Ecouter la musique d'ambiance

1. Offering a third route between intellectual research that’s too much talk and not enough walk, and the “quick and dirty” fact-based research that’s barely more than a list of verbatims. A third route combining analytical scope and actionable results.

2. Getting past the “How?” to seriously address the “Why?”. Going beyond just regurgitating consumer-speak, and getting onto the plane of deeper drives.

3. Creating knowledge and not just confirming what’s known already, creating surprise and joy at rediscovering your markets through the lens of Symbolic Anthropology.

4. Making sense of sensitivity and providing the keys and levers to act upon it and create real Emotional Marketing.

5. Hunt out the next trends big and small through deep exploration of the formless drives and dreams below the radar: Predictive Qualitative Research

6. Towards a more esthetic qualitative research with deliverables as vividly illustrated stories, for a gut understanding that paves the way to better sharing the results in-house.

“See signs where usually one sees but things” Roland Barthes