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Com’ & Stories®: Symbolic Anthropology, Emotional Communication and Marketing

Com’ & Stories® is a global approach to advertising and campaign testing combining four types of exploration as seen through Storytelling:

1) Consumption: understanding the emotional thinking and mechanisms underlying the market, in other words, what the setting says”

2) How consumers take the media on board, in other words what the individual perceives consciously as well as sub-consciously” of the advertising concept in general

3) Semiological analysis of the media to identify their symbolic meanings with respect to the advertising concept, in other words what the media say within the world of competition advertising”

4) Brand voice in a competitive environment, in other words “what does the brand say about itself, that it claims both over and above the competition and with respect to its own history”

This approach enables an exhaustive narrative analysis generating immediately actionable recommendations for designing an effective positioning and narrative.