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Cultural Qwal®: Anthropology Applied to International Research

Cultural Qwal® is an international qualitative research method informed by anthropological expertise.

By definition, anthropology is a discipline geared to understanding otherness and ought to be involved in any qualitative research that claims to explore foreign markets.

Too often, though, international qualitative research settles for merely underlining a few anecdotal differences between the countries. The New Anthropology puts its methodological, conceptual and analytical expertise to work on international qualitative projects.

In anthropology, culture is a system, a “Set” built up of interdependent parts: attitudes, representations and usages. Culture needs to be understood both exhaustively and holistically to better understand if from a marketing point of view. Culture is the “Great Organizer” which accepts or rejects the product, brand or even advert according to its capacity to fit it into its cultural system… like another piece in a large puzzle.

The founder of The New Anthropology is experienced in the design and management of international research in over 30 countries and issues spanning Brand Content and advertising plans for major automobile manufacturers.