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Deep Insight®: The Anthropology of Depths for Predictive Qualitative Research

A truly exploratory approach, revealing the consumer-as-agents’ conscious choices, but going further because geared to exploring deeper, symbolic, as-yet-unconscious drives.

Deep insight® delivers analyses via storytelling that highlight the “hero’s story” that consumers tell themselves or experience in using a brand or product.

Deep insight® makes it possible to act upon the emotional, imagined and symbolic market drivers.

Deep insight® can also lead to virgin territory for innovation, because it probes the as-yet-unconscious deeper needs and helps pin down trending topics. Deep insight® is designed as a tool for Predictive Qualitative Research.

Deep insight® is also a methodology for the design and development of concepts.

Deep Insight® consists in ethnographic interviews and group moderation conducted and analyzed through the lens of Symbolic Anthropology.