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En-Trance ®: Workshop and Innovation in Altered States of Consciousness

An innovation defined by two particular features:

1) It requires a break. The innovation comes from transgression because it breaks the mold.

2) The process is essentially emotional and comes under cognition of the intuitive intelligence type. Most major discoveries – from Archimedes’ Eureka to Newton’s apple – reflect the fact that discoveries leap at you intuitively first of all, only later to be conceptualized and proved.

And so…

The New Anthropology approach of innovation or creativity workshops is designed to upset the status quo of cookie-cutter thinking and corresponding identities. Hence the importance:

- of team-building to reassure the participants so they feel protected by the gregarious nature of the group and let themselves stray from the beaten track and enter the unknown;

- and conversational hypnosis to create a state of heightened awareness proper to disrupting certainties and “parroting”, to opening new vistas of possibility and creating a new and fertile way of looking.

The energy of the entire group is directed to uncovering not Concepts but rather Percepts. Percepts are the foundations and premises of concepts but, unlike these, are made of emotional and intuitive materials and sensibilities. They are thus the potential of break-away innovations.