Ecouter la musique d'ambiance

Myth-Making: Brand Content that Inspires and Moves

Today, Brand Content is often put together artificially by brute-force foisting of cold, dry brand values. They have no narrative thread, and belabor consumers by interrupting or harassing them to the extent of exasperation.

Based on years of analyzing myths, stories and oral culture, The New Anthropology believes another approach to Brand Content: Myth-Making.

The New Anthropology offers to shore up, intensify and give body to your brand through stories that stimulate, inspire, move and connect, both in-house (among your employees), and at large among your clients.

The New Anthropology lets you enrich your brand with a story while respecting its origins, in other words its founding myth.

The New Anthropology lets you create your own brand myth, in other words draw out its founding ingredients, then put it together while integrating a narrative thread, patterns and archetypes giving it more life, inspiration and emotion with a truly competitive edge.