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The Founder: Anthropologist and Market Researcher with over 15 years’ expertise in qualitative research

Photo Sylvain Flender

Sylvain Flender obtained his diploma from the Sorbonne, Paris, and has a double Masters in Social and Cultural Anthropology. He began specializing in Symbolic Anthropology early on to go beyond mere verbatims and understand what drives the individual.

Following that, he worked as criminologist for the Institute of Higher Studies in Internal Security (IHESI: Institut des Hautes Études de la Sécurité Intérieure).

Then in 1996 he discovered qualitative research with Research International, where he worked for 7 years, specializing in exploratory research into usages and images, managing international qual projects, automobile and telecom.

In 2003, he became freelance qualitative researcher for various institutes (Ipsos, Sorgem, Ifop, RI, DRC, Qualeia…) and continued developing consumer expertise (food, body care…)

Over the next 8 years, he became the official trainer with the Institut Supérieur du Marketing in qual techniques (group moderation, content analysis and international qual project management) for Orange and Renault.

In addition, he refined his approach and vision of research through training and qualification in Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP (at the French Institute of Ericksonian Hypnosis), in Creativity with Guy Aznar and in Applied Semiotics at Limoges university.

At the same time, Sylvain concentrated on using applied anthropology in managing change with ACG, in work on “debelonging” in an automobile plant undergoing closure, and at Samsung in Korea on a program of change in corporate culture in one of its subsidiaries.

His approach and desire for multidisciplinarity led him to design new methodologies (creativity-infused hypnosis, in-depth qualitative interviewing, collage as tool of symbolic projection, myth-making…) but above all in developing a new approach to qualitative research, combining analytical strength and strategic objective.