Ecouter la musique d'ambiance

Anthropological analysis of the new No Make-up trends

Exploration of the new masculinities

Exploration of the motivations and construction of the washing machines offer

Qualitative scoping survey on the imaginary around wound healing and construction of a brand platform
Anthropological exploration of the surgeons “cast”

Qualitative scoping study on “ageing weel”
Exploring E-Health

Analysis of the new maternities and reconstructing the brand platform

Reconstructing the brand platform

Market Exploration, Brand Content and Myth-telling in Morocco

Cultural and symbolic exploration of the automobile market in Romania

Advertising test and brand repositioning (Duo-LP-Pro, PhytoSunArôms…)

Advertising test and brand construction

Semantic and symbolic analysis + brand Com’ & Stories

Ethnographic exploration with women

Creativity and innovation

Exploration of brand pillars

Myth-Making of the Lili Chantilly brand

Brand repositioning and storytelling

Symbolic exploratory research into the house and reorganization of the “Maisons groupées” range

Reconstruction of the brand platform

Emotional exploration of “Disney adults” targets

Analysis and semiotic organization of the Éditions Atlas range

Construction of the brand storytelling

Understanding the brand and its territory of expansion

Overweight: issues and representations in women

Exploration of “Glamour”

Ethnography of current wine consumption habits

Exploratory study about the feeling of ‘Naturality’

Exploratory study about ‘Alternative Mobilities’

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Pre-test and post-test of advertising campaign with repositioning of the brand ‘Decolorstop’

Market exploration and brand building

Semiotic analysis of the brand

Market explorations