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Group Moderation: Deep Dive into the Collective Soul

Too often proposed as catch-all methodological response to whatever the issue, group moderation in the hands of The New Anthropology is a remarkable tool enabling deep drilling into the reservoir of a given target’s collective sub-conscious representations. It plunges into target’s the “collective soul” opening up a whole set of motivations “driving” the individual whether they like it or not.

But to do this, it needs

1) to block out too linear, too sequential a way of thinking due to post-rationalization

2) to convert the group into an emotional whole, one which reveals the belly of its behavior and usages, in other words its emotional motivations.

To achieve this depth, The New Anthropology optimizes group moderation techniques through tools borrowed from conversational hypnosis.

On the other hand, respondents experience the moderation as an unusual, surprising, disconcerting and sometimes amusing experience. In adults, it brings out the childhood psyche, stimulates the imagination and creativity, and draws upon projective and analogical cognition. Intentionally or not, respondents reveal themselves with joy and good humor.

The mine of information is then analyzed and converted into intelligible knowledge, thanks to the Symbolic Anthropology framework of interpretation.